About The Coffee Group
Health Tech Marketing Studio

How it Began

In 1987, we opened up shop in Northfield, Minnesota as “John M. Coonen Graphic Design.” Our first three clients happened to be in healthcare and technology sectors: Northfield Hospital, Bodyguard (fitness equipment for PT industry), and Computer Law Systems (software for law firms).

They were an absolute dream to work for, and get all the credit for keeping us busy day and night, focused on health & tech, helping them thrive in their respective markets.

Northfield, Minnesota

So the truth is, we didn’t choose “heath tech marketing” as our specialty. As what often happens early in startups’ stories, it was chosen for us, revealing to us our passion that today remains deeply embedded in our company’s DNA.

Present day

Three decades and thousands of marketing projects later, we’re now in Broomfield, Colorado. Our focus remains centered on helping innovators go to market with their health & tech offerings.

Broomfield, Colorado
Centerpiece to the Denver-Boulder golden technology corridor

Our print and branding work in the late eighties and nineties led to web design and app development in the 2000s. We’re as adept at interface design and digital campaigns as we are with logo design and presentations.

Check our portfolio of work to get a snapshot of what we’ve done for our clients in healthcare and technology.

The Coffee Group is a content marketing and design studio, in business to help aspiring leaders achieve inspiring results

  • Founded by John & Linda Coonen
  • Based in Broomfield, Colorado
  • Focus: Healthcare & Tech
  • Content writing, design, events
  • Producer, CMS Expo
  • Publisher, Tech Connection
  • Founder, Lakeside Arts Park


Innovation Accelerators
Direct Primary Care

App Developers
Health Benefits Brokers
Fitness Brands

Media Publishers

Agile. Secure. Fast.

Wherever you are, however you work, we adjust to your needs to make working together a great experience. For approvals, asset storage and archives, we have a secure portal. To conduct working meetings we can accommodate Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other platforms.

Zoom, Teams, slack and Coffee Group Portal

Got a big dream?

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